3/4” Union Sweat Mixing Valve, Lead-Free (95F – 131F)

3/4” Union Sweat Mixing Valve, Lead-Free (95F – 131F)
3/4” Union Sweat Mixing Valve, Lead-Free (95F – 131F) QR Code
Views: 6452 Model: 75103W

MPN: H-75103W


Weight:1.70 lb

Dimensions (L x W x H ): 5.00 x 3.62 x 3.75



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The 75103W from Webstone Valves is a 3/4” Union Sweat Mixing Valve, Lead-Free (95F-131F.)


  • 3/4" Union Sweat Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), 95-131F;
  • Union connections simplify installation;
  • For low-temperature hydronic or hot/cold water plumbing systems;
  • Easy to set temperature-locking handle;
  • Lead-free, approved for potable water use.

Technical Specifications:

  • System connections: 3/4" Sweat (C x C x C);
  • Output (mixing) temperature range: 95-131F;
  • Hot inlet temperature range: 120-185F;
  • Cold inlet temperature range: 39-80F;
  • Operating pressure range: 30-150 psi;
  • Min. temperature differential (betw. hot supply and mixing outlet): 20F;
  • Max. inlet pressure ratio (cold/hot supply): 2:1;
  • Min. flow rate: 0.5 GPM;
  • CV: 2.5;
  • Dimensions (H x W): 5.22" x 5.58";
  • Approvals: NSFANSI 16 & 372, CSA B125.3, ASSE 1017;
  • Materials of construction: lead-free brass body, EPDM O-rings, st. steel springs, plastic handle.
Product Specs
Approvals:NSFANSI 16 & 372, CSA B125.3, ASSE 1017
Cold inlet temperature range:39-80F
Dimensions (H x W):5.22" x 5.58"
Hot inlet temperature range:120-185F
Max. inlet pressure ratio (cold/hot supply):2:1
Min. flow rate:0.5 GPM
Operating pressure range:30-150 psi
Output (mixing) temperature range:95-131F
System connections:3/4" Sweat (C x C x C)
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