Cutter Tools

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Everhot PXT3012 PEX Tubing Cutter Tool

The PXT3012 is a Economy Style PEX Cutter for PEX pipes of up to 1”. It features a locking clip and ..

$ 7.95

Everhot PXT3016 PEX Tubing Cutter Tool, Ratchet Style

The PXT3016 is a Ratchet Style PEX Cutter for PEX pipes of up to 2”. It features a locking clip, blu..

$ 14.95

Plastic Tubing Cutter, up to 1" cut capacity

Plastic pipe cutter for up to 1" size pipes - PEX, PVC, CPVC, MDPE, etc. Non-ratcheting, scissor typ..

$ 29.97

Ratcheting Plastic Pipe Cutter up to 1-5/8" OD

Ratcheting plastic pipe cutter for PEX, PVC, CPVC, ABS and rubber hose. Max pipe outside diameter (O..

$ 62.97

Replacement Blade for 48-22-4204 Plastic Pipe Cutter

Replacement blade for Milwaukee 48-22-4204 1" plastic pipe cutter...

$ 9.99

Cutter Tools

Using the cutter tool is very important when cutting PEX pipes. The wrong tool can yield an uneven cut, rough edges, and make a simple job hard. These Cutter Tools are designed for PEX use and deliver the cleanest cut possible. Canarsee carries Ratchet or Regular pipe cutters that will make installing PEX tubes a breeze.