Utility Knives

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(Pack of 5) General Purpose Utility Knife Replacement Blades

Fits Milwaukee and most other brand utility knives & box cutters. Engineered to last up to 5x longer..

$ 1.35

FastBack 6-in-1 Utility Folding Knife

Milwaukee 6-in-1 FastBack combines multiple tools in one: a folding utility knife (with extra blade ..

$ 19.99

FastBack Compact Utility Folding Knife

A compact, lightweight and straightforward folding utility knife with tool-less blade change and one..

$ 8.97

FastBack Folding Utility Knife (Old Version)

The original version of the FastBack utility folding knife with all-metal design, one-handed press &..

$ 9.65

FastBack Utility Folding Knife

A durable folding utility knife with tool-less blade change, one hand press & flip open button, gut ..

$ 12.97

FastBack Utility Folding Knife w/ Blade Storage

A durable, all-metal folding utility knife with (5)-blade storage, tool-less blade change, one hand ..

$ 14.97

Side Slide Utility Knife Out Of Stock

Side Slide Utility Knife

Utility knife and box cutter with all-metal body, safety side slide button, (5) extra blade storage ..

$ 9.97

Utility Knives

Utility knives with disposable blades for general purpose construction applications.