3/4” Threaded Geo-Sentry Geothermal Zone Valve

3/4” Threaded Geo-Sentry Geothermal Zone Valve
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The V075T2G2ZA024Q4A1 from Taco is a 3/4” Threaded Geo-Sentry Geothermal Zone Valve. It enhances the overall performance of any geothermal system. The unique patented technology in the Geo-Sentry utilizes a microcircuit based logic to control a gear driven electronic actuator which drives a ball valve based body design. All this adds up to a geothermal zone valve that leads the industry in energy efficiency, flow capacity (Cv), shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation, diagnostic capability and the number of valves (12) that can be use on a standard 40VA transformer. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Connection Size: 3/4" FNPT;
  • Type: 2-Way;
  • Operation: Normally Closed;
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 PSI (2100 kPa);
  • Maximum Shut-off Pressure: 125 PSI (875 kPa);
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 135°F;
  • Fluid Temperature Range: 20 to 220°F (-7 to 104°C);
  • Fluids: Water, up to 25% Ethanol, 25% Methanol, 50% Glycol;
  • Ball Rotation Speed (90° turn): ~5 seconds (after charge time);
  • Electrical Rating: 24 VAC, 60Hz, 0.48 Amps;
  • Power Consumption: 11.4 W, 0.48 Amps (charging), 1.44 W, 0.06 Amps (power on).
Product Specs
Ball Rotation Speed (90° turn):~5 seconds (after charge time)
Connection Size:3/4" FNPT;
Electrical Rating:24 VAC, 60Hz, 0.48 Amps
Fluid Temperature Range:20 to 220°F (-7 to 104°C)
Maximim Ambient Temperature:135°F
Maximum Operating Pressure:300 PSI (2100 kPa)
Maximum Shut-off Pressure:125 PSI (875 kPa)
Operation:Normally Closed
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