1” Union Sweat Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), ASSE 1070, 85-120F

1” Union Sweat Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), ASSE 1070, 85-120F
1” Union Sweat Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), ASSE 1070, 85-120F QR Code
Views: 5442 Model: 5124-C2
UPC: 687752789942

MPN: 5124-C2


Weight:2.00 lb

Dimensions (L x W x H ): 6.50 x 5.00 x 2.00



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The 5142-C2 from Taco is a 1” Union Sweat Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), ASSE 1070, 85F-120F. It's designed for use at the water heater to distribute controlled water temperatures to the domestic hot water system and is suitable for use in Potable Water.

Taco's new 5124-C2 Low Lead Mixing Valve makes it ideal for use in the distribution of water through a domestic hot water system. The valve's unique design and advanced thermostatic element doesn't require routine maintenance and ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the valves adjustable range. The Second-generation material was tested and calibrated under closely controlled conditions ensuring durability and functionality.


  • Body: Forged Brass (≤.25% Lead Brass);
  • Internal Components: ≤.25% Lead Brass, Noryl GFN2;
  • Seals: Viton;
  • Spring: Stainless Steel;
  • Piston: Polysulfone;
  • Gaskets: EPDM.


  • Lead-Free Compliant (≤.25% Lead);
  • Suitable For Use in Potable Water;
  • No Routine Maintenance Required;
  • Lockable Maximum Temperature Setting;
  • Outlet Temperature Strip.

Technical Specifications:

  • Connections: 1" Union Sweat;
  • Heat Capacity: 1.8 Cv;
  • Maximum Flow: 14 GPM (54 L/Min);
  • Minimum Flow: 1 GPM (3.8 L/Min);
  • Hot Supply Temperature: 120-180°F (49-82°C);
  • Cold Supply Temperature: 39-80°F (5-27°C);
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 Bar);
  • Maximum Variation in Supply Pressure: 20%;
  • Minimum Temperature Differential Between Hot Supply and Mixed: 27°F (15°C);
  • Outlet Temperature Range: 85-120°F (29-49°C);
  • Factory Set to: 115-120°F (41-45°C);
  • Accuracy of Outlet Temperature: ± 3°F;
  • Approvals: ASSE 1017 / 1070, CSA125.3, cUPC.
Product Specs
Accuracy of Outlet Temperature:± 3°F
Approvals:ASSE 1017 / 1070, CSA125.3, cUPC.
Cold Supply Temperature:39-80°F (5-27°C)
Connections:1" Union Sweat
Factory Set to:115-120°F (41-45°C)
Features:Lead Free
Heat Capacity:1.8 Cv
Hot Supply Temperature:120-180°F (49-82°C)
Maximum Flow:14 GPM (54 L/Min)
Maximum Inlet Pressure:200 psi (13.8 Bar)
Maximum Variation in Supply Pressure:20%
Minimum Flow:1 GPM (3.8 L/Min)
Minimum Temperature Differential Between Hot Supply and Mixed:27°F (15°C)
Outlet Temperature Range:85-120°F (29-49°C)
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