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Peter Mangone P3BK Stand-off Clips for 3/8" PEX (100/box)

Peter Mangone P3BK Stand-off Clips for 3/8" PEX (100/box)

Peter Mangone P3BK Stand-off Clips for 3/8" PEX (100/box) QR Code
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Box of (100) P3BK stand-off clips for 3/8" PEX tubing, copper or CPVC pipes.

Each box contains 10 magazines x 10 clips per each. Easily loaded into Peter Mangone RB-5 or RB-6 clips guns.


Generally installed every 1.5-2.5ft on horizontal runs (depending on pipe diameter - larger PEX sizes require more often stapling) and every 3-4ft on vertical, or as needed.


These clips are made of high density polyethylene and provide excellent holding power.

Installations with the patented RB Stand-Off Clips are far superior to any other method of tubing attachment. Each clip fits perfectly without damaging the PEX tubing - secured with nails, not staples, which means no nicking, compressing, or piercing the pipe. The stand-off design of the clip pulls the PEX tubing up into the clip and off the surface. This, along with the polyethylene material of the clip, virtually eliminates expansion noises, as it prevents wear-and-tear from the tubing's movement.

Installations with the RB-Stand-Off Clips are strong. Two galvanized nails driven 5/8" deep into the wood providing holding power which is secure and long-lasting.

Product Specs
Accessory For:RB-5
Application:3/8" PEX
Tubing Compatibility:PEX
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