3" - 4" Inflatable Pipe Test Plug

3" - 4" Inflatable Pipe Test Plug

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This inflatable test plug comes with a pre-installed schrader valve and chain to accommodate removal and is manufactured in the USA. Suitable for use inside 3" through 4" PVC (Sch. 40), ABS or Cast Iron (CI) DWV pipe.

Warning: as with all pressure testing equipment, follow all applicable codes/procedures, manufacturer reccommendations and wear safety gear when performing DWV drain tests. Stay clear of the test tees, cleanouts and pipe ends while system is under pressure.




  • Reusable - easy installation and removal;
  • Concave bottom increases contact area and reduces the likelihood of plug blowout;
  • Bell shaped ribs provide superior seal, even if plug installed at an angle;
  • Durable chain with zinc-plated ring allows easy removal after deflation;
  • Made in the USA.


Technical Specifications:


  • For PVC, ABS or Cast Iron DWV pipe with nominal diameter of 3" - 4";
  • Length: 7-1/4";
  • Min pipe diameter: 2.88";
  • Max pipe diameter: 4.25";
  • Inflation pressure: 40 PSIG;
  • Max back air pressure: 5 PSIG;
  • Max back head water pressure: 30 ft.
Product Specs
Inflation pressure:40 PSIG
Max back air pressure:5 PSIG
Max back head water pressure:30 ft.
Max pipe diameter:4.25"
Min pipe diameter:2.88"
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