500 sqft, 4ft x 125ft rFoil Under-Slab Concrete Radiant Heat Insulation, Ultra CBF

500 sqft, 4ft x 125ft rFoil Under-Slab Concrete Radiant Heat Insulation, Ultra CBF
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rFoil Ultra CBF insulation is a multi-layer insulation comprised of highly reflective metalized foil sandwiched between 2 layers of heavy-duty poly bubble. It is designed for use in concrete under-slab insulation applications with or without radiant heat.
Ultra CBF vs. 1" rigid foamboard: Ultra CBF has R-3.8, which makes it a very cost-effective, and, in most cases, suitable replacement for 1" foam board insulation (R-5.0). It has far greater compression and tensile strength, acts as a vapor barrier and is resistant to mold and fungi. It can also be used for slab edge insulation.
4ft x 125ft roll covers 500 sqft of space and does not require extensive/time-consuming/costly seam taping common in rigid foam instalations. Multiple lengths can be taped together using rFoil (part# 15853) 3" poly tape or similar.


  • For use in under-slab conrete installations with or without radiant heat;
  • 2-in-1 insulation & vapor/radon barrier;
  • Quick and easy to handle, cut and install - saves time, labor and money;
  • Cost-effective alternative to 3/4" and 1" thick rigid foam insulation;
  • 6 times the compression strength of rigid foam;
  • Also suitable for slab edge insulation;
  • Non-shrinking, resistant to insects, fungi, bacteria.

Technical Specifications:

  • Coverage: 500 sqft (48" wide x 125ft long);
  • R-Value: R-3.8 (can replace 3/4" or 1" thick foamboard insulation);
  • Compression strength: 140 psi;
  • Nominal thickness: 5/16";
  • Multi-layer 14.2 mil bubble core.
Product Specs
Compression strength:140 psi
Coverage:500 sqft (48" wide x 125ft long)
Nominal thickness:5/16"
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