98420223 Grundfos UP10-16 APMBN5 Pump, 1/2" FNPT Sweat, 115V,  AUTOAdapt & Line Cord

98420223 Grundfos UP10-16 APMBN5 Pump, 1/2" FNPT Sweat, 115V, AUTOAdapt & Line Cord

98420223 Grundfos UP10-16 APMBN5 Pump, 1/2" FNPT Sweat, 115V,  AUTOAdapt & Line Cord QR Code
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The UP 10-16 pump is designed for recirculation of domestic hot water in single-family homes with dedicated hot-water return piping. Utilizing a low-noise permanent magnet motor, energy consumption is reduced to as little as 5 - 8.5 W. Selecting the Auto mode ensures that the pump runs only when required. The result is maximum comfort - no waiting for hot water plus decreased water and power consumption.


  • Domestic hot-water recirculation systems in single-family homes
  • Small heating systems

Pumped liquids

  • Domestic hot water
  • Softened water
  • Clean water.

The pump uses two temperature sensors, one within the pump and the other connected to the pump by a cable installed on the hot-water flow pipe. The pump is installed in the hot-water return pipe.

Three operating modes

  • 100 % mode
  • Pump will operate 24/7/365 continuously at full speed.

Temperature mode

  • Pump will keep the water temperature within an automatically detected range.

Auto mode

  • Pump will learn, store and adapt operating times to home hot water consumption patterns.

Disinfection feature

  • Once per week, the pump will run a 15-minute disinfection cycle.

Vacation feature

If no tappings are detected in a 24-hour period, the pump will (self-modulate) automatically switch to standby mode (except for disinfection) and reactivate to the same consumptive pattern when 2 tappings occur within a 20-minute time period.


The motor is single-phase, 12-pole, permanent magnet design, impedance-protected, double insulated, No additional motor protection is required.

Maximum system pressure

145 psi (10 bar).

Ambient and liquid temperatures

The ambient temperature should always be lower than the liquid temperature, as otherwise condensation may form in the stator housing. Liquid temperature: 36°-F (2°-C) to 185°-F (85°-C). We recommend to keep the operating temperature as low as possible (e.g. 140°-F (60°-C)) to avoid calcium precipitation.

Product Specs
Connection Size:1/2"
Connection Type:Female NPT
Cord Length:6'
Head Range (ft.):0-5.4
Includes:Line Cord
Max Flow (GPM):2.2
Max Head (Ft):3.9
Max Pressure (PSI):145
Temperature Range (F):36°F to 203°F
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