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Poly Alloy Pex Elbow

Poly Alloy Pex Elbow
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3/4' x 1/2' PEX to PEX poly alloy crimp-style reducing elbow connects 3/4' PEX pipe to 1/2' PEX pipe..
3/4' PEX elbow allows to connect two 3/4' PEX tubing lines at a 90-degree angle. ..
This poly alloy fitting connects 1/2' PEX tubing to 1/2' female threaded fitting or outlet at a 90-d..
This reducing style poly PEX elbow is used to connect 3/4' PEX piping to a 1/2' female threaded fitt..
This 90-degree poly PEX elbow allows to connect 3/4' PEX pipe to a 3/4' female NPT threaded outlet o..
This poly PEX elbow has a female threaded swivel connection (with rubber washer) and allows to conne..
1' poly alloy PEX elbow connects two 1' PEX pipe lines at a 90-degree angle. ..