4" Innoflue SW Low Profile Wall Termination Kit

25 - 30 Days 4" Innoflue SW Low Profile Wall Termination Kit

The ISLPT0404 from Centrotherm is a Low Profile Wall Termination Kit for 4” Innoflue SW pipe. This kit provides an easy and aesthetically pleasing solution for venting though the wall with 4" Innoflue SW pipe. Air intake can be PVC/CPVC (if allowed by local code and appliance manufacturer). Kit includes the outer wall plate with bird screen and the interior plate. Exhaust can be extended or redirected as needed using SW pipe and elbows. UV resistant, black color, can be painted to match exterior decor. Profile dimensions: 13.0" wide x 9.3" high.


  • Innoflue SW (Single Wall) is the only polymer vent system on the market listed to UL 1738;
  • Accepted and approved by over 50 North Amercian manufacturers of boilers, water heaters and furnaces;
  • Suitable for natural gas, propane and fuel-oil condensing and non-condensing (flue temp. below 248°F) appliances;
  • All parts (pipe, fittings, etc. - both black and grey) are UV resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation;
  • Requires no primer/glue and does not leach chloride like PVC & CPVC;
  • Costs less and is faster and easier to install than stainless steel venting, no special tools needed, zero clearance to combustibles;
  • Industry-leading 2mm wall thickness;
  • Built-in gasket allows for adhesive-free installation which can be adjusted at any time;
  • May be installed through a wall, chimney, chase or between joists;
  • Lightweight, requires minimal support;
  • Made in the USA from environmentally-friendly PolyPropylene (PP).

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