T6 Pro Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat, 2H/2C Conventional or 3H/2C Heat Pump + Aux. Heat

T6 Pro Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat, 2H/2C Conventional or 3H/2C Heat Pump + Aux. Heat
T6 Pro Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat, 2H/2C Conventional or 3H/2C Heat Pump + Aux. Heat QR Code
Views: 396 Model: TH6320ZW2003

MPN: TH6320ZW2003


Weight:15.40 oz

Dimensions (L x W x H ): 6.00 x 2.50 x 5.00



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Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 programmable thermostat is a Z-Wave Plus certified thermostat designed to work with any Z-Wave compliant controller or gateway. T6 Pro Z-Wave is intended for use on up to 2-stage heat/2-stage cool conventional or 3-stage heat/2-stage cool heat pump systems with optional emergency heat. This model thermostat can be operated in any Z-Wave network together with other Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers. All non-battery operated Z-Wave devices (nodes) within the network will act as repeaters regardless of manufacturer to increase reliability of the network and when integrated with the app (which controls your Z-Wave controller), it lets you program and control your HVAC system and other Z-Wave devices connected to the same Z-Wave controller.
Note: The thermostat is fully programmable when not included into a Z-Wave network and its' scheduling options available differ depending on whether the thermostat is included or excluded from Z-Wave network, on capability of your Z-Wave controller and app to program said thermostat.

Technical Specifications:
  • Programmability: Programmable, 5-2 Day, 5-1-1 Day, 7-Day, Non-Programmable, Occupancy Controlled
  • Stages: 2 Heat / 2 Cool Conventional or 3 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump + dual fuel and aux heat lockout with outdoor sensor
  • Changeover: Auto or Manual
  • Interface: Touchscreen
  • Display: Monochrome
  • Display Size: 6.89 sq in.
  • Mounting: Square
  • Color: White
  • Electrical Ratings: 24V (20-30 Vac, 0.02-0.50A or 0.02-1.00A - varies by terminal)
  • Power Method: Hardwired Only (terminal C) or Harwired with Battery Backup (3 x AA)
  • Terminal Designations: R, RC, C, W, O/B, W2-AUX, E, Y, Y2, G, L/A, K, S, and S
  • Dual Fuel: Yes
  • Setting Temperature Range: Heat 40°F - 90°F / Cool 50°F - 99°F
  • Ambient conditions: 37 to 102°F, 5 to 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Connection Protocol: Z-wave
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 4.1" x 4.1" x 1.1" (103.6mm x 103.6mm x 28mm)
  • Packaged Weight: 15.4 oz

  • For use on Z-Wave network
  • Large, illuminated, easy to read display with adjustable idle brightness (only when hardwired)
  • Multiple programmability modes: 5+2 / 5+1+1 or 7-Day, occupancy controlled or non-programmable
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery (optional setting) is an improved version or Early Start - the system optimizes start time to reach desired temperature by programmed time settings
  • Displays time, mode, Z-Wave connection status, ambient (or relative indoor humidity) and setpoint temperature at the same time
  • Equipment status and air filter change notifications
  • Temporary or permanent temperature override
  • Built-in compressor protection
  • 1°F temperature accuracy
  • Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C) display mode
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