Amtrol 143-381 Radiant Extrol RX-60 Expansion Tank  10.3 G

Amtrol 143-381 Radiant Extrol RX-60 Expansion Tank 10.3 G

Amtrol 143-381 Radiant Extrol RX-60 Expansion Tank  10.3 G  QR Code
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This 10.3 gallon expansion tank is suitable for usage with open and closed loop radiant heating systems. Utilizing its intricate design this expansion tank will provide pressure relief to the system. The rubber diaphragm located directly in the middle of the expansion tank separates it into two halves. The top half will contain the water; and the bottom half which will contain the air at approximately 12 PSI. Lack of maintaining proper pressure can result in system failure and pipe damage. This product can also be used for snow and ice melting applications where a glycol mix is inserted into the piping.



  • Factory pre-charged 12 psi;
  • System connection: 3/4' threaded;
  • Max. operating temperature: 200F;
  • Max. operating pressure: 100 psig;
  • Expansion tank volume: 10.3 gallons;
  • Max. accepted volume: 10.3 gallons;
  • Height: 19 1/4';
  • Diameter: 15 3/8';
  • Shipping weight: 23 lbs;



  • Closed loop hydronic heating
  • Radiant heating



Product Specs
Capacity (Gallons):10.3
Diameter (Inches):15.375"
Max Accepted Volume:10.3 Gallons
Max Pressure (PSI):100
Max Temp (F):200°F
Precharged PSI:12 psi
Tank Volume:10.3 Gallons
Thread Size:3/4"
Thread Type:Female
Warranty:5-Year Limited Warranty
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