Senphus 2FHM-70 70 sq. ft. Electric Radiant Heat Mat, 110V ~ 120V

-10% Senphus 2FHM-70 70 sq. ft. Electric Radiant Heat Mat, 110V ~ 120V

The 2FHM-70 from Senphus is a 70 sq. ft Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat, 120V. It's an easy-to-install way to heat household floors. These mats can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in commercial institutions. The Senphus Electric Mats are fully grounded, from one end to another, and contain heating elements that have been reinforced with aramid fibers. The elements have a braided twin-wire design, and are shielded to reduce electromagnetic fields. 

The Senphus 2FHM-70 Floor Heating Mats are designed to run at 120V, and cover 70 square feet. However, the attainable floor temperature ultimately depends on the floor’s insulation, and in the case of uninsulated slab applications, on the thermal drain of the underlying materials.

Senphus Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mats can also be used to heat a room, if the room’s heat loss falls within the mat’s heating parameters.

CAUTION: Never install Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mats below vinyl, wood, or carpet flooring. Do not use glues or adhesives. Heating mats must be embedded in mortar. If the mat is installed in a cement or gypsum-based material, vinyl or hardwood may be installed over it.


  • Power cable: Round FEP cable
  • Length of cold lead: 6,56 ft
  • Heating mat and power cable

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 70 sq ft.;
  • Voltage: 120V;
  • Resistance @68F+10/-5%(Ω): 11.1;
  • Cable length: 237.14 ft.;
  • Mat size: 1.64x42.71 ft.;
  • Insulation OD (in.): 0.05;
  • Insulation thickness (in.): 0.011;
  • Insulation material: FEP;
  • Conductor material: Alloy;
  • Jacket material: FEP;
  • Jacket thickness (in.): 0.023;
  • Jacket OD (in.): 0.16;
  • Power supply: 120Vac, 60HZ;
  • Rating power: 200W/10 sq ft.;
  • Certification: CE , UL;
  • Min installation temp: +41F;
Product Specs
Aria 70 sq. ft.
Type1 Electric Heat Mats
Voltage 110V ~ 120V

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