Cutting Oil and Lubricants

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Utility Wonder 22-116 Cutting Oil Dark, 1 gall

The 22-116 from Utility Wonder is a Cutting Oil, Dark, 1 gallon. This cutting oil is scientifically ..

$ 38.95

Utility Wonder 24-504 Faucet stem lubricant, 1 oz

The 24-504 from Utility Wonder is a Faucet Stem Lubricant, 1 oz. It's meant to lubricate pumps and f..

$ 2.95

WD-40 Smart Straw, 8 oz

The 49002 from WD-40 is a Multi-Purpose Lubricant w/ Smart Straw, 8 oz.  NOTE: Not for sale or..

$ 5.95

Cutting Oil and Lubricants

These items provide an easier way to cut pipe threads and to lubricate plumbing and mechanical applications. Great for a variety of materials and functions.