Tubular Fittings

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1-1/2" 90° Elbow, White Plastic

This fitting connects (2) 1-1/2" tubular pipes together a..

$ 2.25

1-1/2" Tee, Rough Brass

The 240-8561R112 from Sioux Chief is a 1-1/2” Tee, Rough Brass. For use with 1-1/2" plastic tubular ..

$ 12.75

1-1/2" Tubular x 1-1/2" MIP Solid Brass Adapter

The 270-6 from Sioux Chief is a 1-1/2” Tubular x 1-1/2” MIP Solid Brass adapter. It's intended to tr..

$ 7.75

Tubular Fittings

These special fittings connects tubular to the appliance or wastewater drain. Find high quality fittings in plastic or brass. Manufactured by Sioux Chief.