Everhot PXT3134 3/4" PEX Crimp Tool

Everhot PXT3134 3/4" PEX Crimp Tool

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A single size PEX Crimp Tool for 3/4" PEX tubing, fittings and crimp rings. Includes a Go-No-Go gauge and a crescent wrench for tool calibration purposes. Compatible with 3/4" PEX crimp fittings (both brass and poly) and 3/4" copper crimp rings.

This PEX crimp tool features a durable stainless steel construction, rubber grip handles and has a 15" overall length.


Model PXT3134 crimp tool is a direct replacement for:

Ridgid: 23458

Apollo: 69PTKH00144

Watts: WPRM12-19PB

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