1/2” PEX Expansion x 1/2” FNPT Adapters, Lead-Free

1/2” PEX Expansion x 1/2” FNPT Adapters, Lead-Free

The Sioux Chief 647WG2 is a 1/2” Brass PEX x 1/2” Female Threaded Adapter, made easy to install professional or on your own.  Manufactured to ASTM F1960, its promises tightest tolerances  and fittings are listed and certified to NSF and cUPC.

This item allows to transition from PEX-A tubing to male threaded pipe/outlet using PEX expansion method. Compatible with all brands of PEX-A tubing.

All Sious Chief F1960 fitting system reduces or eliminates flow restrictions since it is a full flow PEX expansion system.

In a PEX expansion system, the installer expands a PEX pipe end and inserts a fitting that has an internal diameter that is nearly the same as the internal diameter of the pipe. This reduces or eliminates flow restrictions, a feature that is always important but is often specified.

The Sioux Chief 647WG2 F1960 promised a sure connection. It is engineered so that the elastomeric combination of the inserted fitting inside an expanded ring and pipe  causes the expanded material to go back around the fitting, creating a sealed, visibly inspectable connections.

Sioux Chief’s PowerPEX F1960 line of fittings and assemblies are manufactured from metal alloys that contain antimicrobial properties  and are certified for safe use in areas requiring no lead potable product or areas prone to dezincification.

Overall the 647WG2 from Sioux Chief is a 1/2” PEX x 1/2” Female Threaded Adapter, improves jobsite quality, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. 


  • Direct replacement for Uponor ProPEX style expansion fittings model LF4575050.

  • Fully compatible with Uponor hePEX and AquaPEX series PEX-A tubing and ProPEX connection system.

  • Approved for potable water use.

  • Manufactured to ASTM F1960.

  • NSF certified for US and Canada.

  • Lead-free.

  • Made in the USA.

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