Everhot NPB1230 1/2" x 300 ft PEX Plumbing Pipe, Non-Barrier (Blue)

Everhot NPB1230 1/2" x 300 ft PEX Plumbing Pipe, Non-Barrier (Blue)

Everhot NPB1230 1/2" x 300 ft PEX Plumbing Pipe, Non-Barrier (Blue) QR Code
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The NPB1230 from Everhot is a 300ft roll of 1/2” Non-Barrier PEX pipe (Blue). It's ideal for hot and cold plumbing, and potable water applications. PEX tubing is incredibly lightweight and flexible, unlike Copper, CPVC, Iron and etc. To learn more, head over to our “Learning Center” and read the article about “PEX Pipe Markings”.


  • 1/2” Non-Barrier PEX pipe;
  • Roll of 300ft;
  • Meets ASTM F867/F877/F203 and CSA B137.5 Standards;
  • NSF certified for potable water applications;
  • Pressure ratings: 79PSI @ 200F, 100PSI @ 180F, 160PSI @ 73F.
Product Specs
Features:Lead Free
Length (Feet):300
Type:Plumbing Non-Barrier Pipe

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