Types of PEX tubing

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pex tubing types and colors

PEX has proven to be a boon in the plumbing world. It is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and requires careful handling and managing. PEX tubing is categorized into different varieties/types, depending on its manufacturing or built-up.

The different types of plumbing include – PEX-a, PEX-b, PEX-c, and PEX-AL-PEX.

PEX-a type

The PEX tubing is manufactured by ‘Engel Method,’ in which the cross-linking of the molecules is done on a very high-temperature. It is the supplest type of tubing that can easily bear high-pressure and can easily twist in any direction. It has the lowest density of 0.0930 and known for its uniformity, kink resistance and thermal memory.

PEX-b type

The type of piping is fabricated with silane or moisture cure method. The cross-linking of the process is executed between the molecules of HDPE. However, the type of piping is not very supple and does not twist in many directions, but it is quite hard-wearing and has the knack to maintain its shape after getting heated. As the process is accelerated with moisture and heat, it is quite simpler and cheaper, as compared to others.


PEX-c is manufactured by electron beam process or Electronic Irradiation. The cross-linking of pipes is completed underneath the crystal melting point by using an electronic beam on the tube. It, however, creates less consistent linking, as compared to PEX-a/PEX-b. Due to its ecological and cleanliness, it is no longer harmful as it does not involve any chemicals.


The piping is made of a layer of aluminum that is placed between two PEX layers. The aluminum layer plays the role of an oxygen barricade that suspends oxygen molecules to mix in the water that is flowing from the pipes. Generally, PEX-AL-PEX is used for radiant heating systems.
Undoubtedly, PEX has earned a good name in the plumbing industry. Due to fewer joints, there are hardly any chances of leaking and breaking of pipes.  The piping of PEX is more dead set against chemicals, extreme temperatures, corrosion and deformation and it is also faster and easier to install.

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