PEX Fittings

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PEX Tubing is quickly gaining in popularity in the plumbing industry. It can be used for several purposes including water distribution and radiant heating. Unlike the other types of pipes in use nowadays, PEX is flexible and very easy to work with. In order to connect to PEX tubing, you will need fittings that are made just for that.

Choose the fitting type based on the kind of PEX tubing being used.  Here are the different types of PEX fittings on the market:

- Crimp – Compatible with PEX-A / PEX-B / PEX-C.

Connection methods: Crimp Style (Copper Crimp Rings & Crimp Tool) or Clamp/Cinch Method (Stainless Steel PEX Cinch Clamps and Clamp Tool)

- Push – Compatible with PEX-A / PEX B / PEX-C
Connection method: No special tools needed.

- Expansion - Compatible with PEX-A. 
Connection method: PEX Expansion Method (Expander Toolkit)

- Press - Compatible with all types of PEX tubing. 
Connection method: Must use Viega Press Tools and Steel Sleeves.

- Compression - PEX-AL-PEX. 
Connection methods: No special tools needed.

Another important factor to consider is the material:

Poly (Poly Alloy):

  • Approved for potable water applications;
  • Light weight;
  • Pressure/Temperature ratings: 200°F max., 200 psi max.;
  • Cheaper than brass;
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, dezincification and oxidation;
  • Inner diameter is smaller;
  • No sweat adapters.


  • Has sweat adapters;
  • Some are approved for potable water applications;
  • Inner diameter is larger;
  • More expensive;
  • Offers a larger variety of fittings;
  • Heavier.

After you've decided which type and material is right for your, consider the application. There's a variety of different types of fitting, such as:

Connects 3 pipes to each other in a T-shape; Can connect PEX to PEX, PEX to Threaded or PEX to Sweat.

Connects 2 PEX pipes in a straight line.

Terminates one of a PEX pipe permanently or temporarily

Adapter: There are a few different types.

  • Male Threaded: Connects PEX to Female Threaded fittings or outlets;
  • Female Threaded: Connects PEX to Male Threaded pipes or fittings;
  • Female Sweat: Connects PEX to Copper pipes or male outlets;
  • Male Sweat: Connects PEX to Copper fittings or female outlets;
  • PVC/CPVC: Connects PEX to PVC/CPVC pipes or fittings;

Elbows: There are a few different types.

  • Regular: Connects PEX to PEX or PEX to other pipes at a 90° or 45° angle;
  • Drop ear: Connects PEX to Male Threaded Pipes at a 90° angle. Comes with a plate that allows to secure the fitting to a surface;
  • Swivel: Connects PEX to Male Threaded Pipes at a 90° angle. Comes with a swivel for easier tightening of the threaded pipe.


Before purchasing the fitting, always remember to check:

  1. Size of the pipe;
  2. Type of connection;
  3. Type of the PEX tubing;
  4. Application;
  5. Material.

Head over to our PEX Fittings page and find every type of PEX fitting for your plumbing system.