34-35XL Zurn (Wilkins) 35XL - 3/4" FNPT x FNPT Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Lead Free

34-35XL Zurn (Wilkins) 35XL - 3/4" FNPT x FNPT Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Lead Free

34-35XL Zurn (Wilkins) 35XL - 3/4" FNPT x FNPT Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Lead Free QR Code
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The Lead Free Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker 35XL Zurn (Wilkins) [3/4' FNPT x FNPT] is a crucial fixture for handling potable and non-potable water in one system.

The installation of atmospheric vacuum breakers safeguards a potable water supply by preventing both backsiphonage and back pressure backflow. Both of these backward issues result in the retrograde flow of impotable water, usually the grey water exiting a sink or other drain, after it has been contaminated and consigned to the sewage: backsiphonage occurs when the water within a system of potable water loses pressure, and so draws up water already sent to sewage; back pressure backflow occurs when the pressure of discharged, contaminated water is greater than that of the potable water in the system, and so presses backward to fill the pressure differential and relieve pressure. The results can make drinking water undrinkable water, and, from a structural point of view, over pressurize a system and cause damage to the plumbing.

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Valves prevent both of these by literally breaking a vacuum atmospherically. The valve rests in the open air, above ground, and is kept sealed by the pressure of potable water passing by its poppet valve. When pressure in a system undergoes a critical change, a hood on top of it pops upward by action of the poppet valve, being made to raise upward far easier than a pressure sealed fixture, as if it were raising a cap, and allows air into or out of the system. Furthermore, it seals off the line between the potable and non-potable water while pressure is righted. This allows either pressure to be relieved or reoriented.

Use and proper assembly will provide ample protection where health hazards due to water contamination may exist. Furthermore, that it is lead free means that it is compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act, requiring that all plumbing handling potable water be free of lead.

Its end connections are threaded ANSI B1.20.1
Product Specs
Connection Type:Female Threaded
Features:Lead Free
Material:Cast Brass
Max Pressure (PSI):125
Max Temp (F):180°F
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