Rifeng Suspended Pipe Radiant Heat Package (1500 sq ft)

Rifeng Suspended Pipe Radiant Heat Package (1500 sq ft)

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**Material In This Package is Based on 16' Joist Bays**This 1500 sq. ft. suspended pipe radiant heat package contains the following products: (Please note that the numbers in parentheses represent the quantity included in the package).TubingI(9)/I 050-300-OXY: Rifeng 1/2' Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing (300 ft Coil)ManifoldI(1) HM10: Bulldog-HM10-10-Loop-Stainless-Steel-Radiant-Heat-Manifold'10-Loop Stainless Steel Radiant Heat ManifoldI(2)/I 3610003: Mr-PEX-3610003-Manifold-Loop-Cap-EK20'Loop End CapFittings: (20)/I MA-50P: Rifeng-MA-50P-1-2-PEX-to-EK20-Loop-Fitting-Assembly'1/2' PEX to EK20 Loop Fitting AssemblyI(2)/I WP4-16:/I Cello-WP4-16-1-Copper-X-Male-Adapter-1024000-p'1' Copper X Male AdapterAccessoriesI(18)/I A5250500: Wirsbo-Uponor-A5250500-1-2-Plastic-Bend-Support-2128000-p'1/2' Plastic Bend Support (1) HCUTTER: HydroPEX-HCUTTER-Tube-Cutter-metal-up-to-1-PEX-4948000-p'Tube Cutter, (plastic) up to 1' PEXI(1)/I 3610005: Mr-PEX-3610005-Pressure-Test-Kit'Pressure Test Kit(8)/I F7051258: Wirsbo-Uponor-F7051258-1-2-PEX-Clip-100-box-2208000-p'1/2' PEX Clips, 100/box**IThis package does NOT include pumps, controls or valves that may be necessary to complete the installation. /I

Product Specs
Coverage (Sq Ft.):1500
Fitting System Compatibility:PEX Compression
Length:2700 ft.
Number of Outlets:10
PEX Size:1/2"
Tubing Compatibility:PEX
Tubing Type:Oxygen Barrier
Type:Radiant Heat Package
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