DWV Testing Products

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4" TeePee, Cleanout Tee Test Tool/Plug

The 881-54 from Sioux Chief is a 4” TeePee, Cleanout Tee Test Tool/Plug. It's a completely mechanica..

$ 50.95

4" TestTitan, Pipe Mechanical Test Plug

The 882-4 from Sioux Chief is a 4” TestTitan, Pipe Mechanical Test Plug. It's designed for DWV press..

$ 0.00

DWV Testing Products

In plumbing, DWV is short for drainage, waste and vent plumbing - the three types of pipes that carry waste from your home. According to the majority of city plumbing codes, DWV pipes must be airtight in order to prevent toxic gases from leaking. Test your pipes at home with Canarsee's stock of DWV testing products. To perform the test, fill the system with compressed air then monitor the internal pressure and search for leaks. Ensure your family's safety today by being sure that your pipes are sealed properly.