PEX Installation: Clamp Style Connections and Declamping

by Canarsee.Com

This video by Canarsee demonstrates the proper way to clamp and de-clamp, clamp style connections. Clamp connections are simple to make due to their versatility of being able to make any clamp connection with one universal tool. Improper connections can lead to the destruction of your system, and therefore need to be made properly and securely to ensure the systems overall performance. Clamping and de-clamping are both done with the same universal tool, making de-clamping just as simple as making the connection. This video will show you the necessary steps and requirements to make a proper Clamp connection, and how to de-clamp them if necessary.

Items used in Video
1. Non-Barrier PEX Tubing
2. Stainless Steel Clamp Ring
3. PEX Coupling
4. Universal Clamp Tool