PEX Installation: Crimp Style Connections and Decrimping

by Canarsee.Com

This video by Canarsee demonstrates the proper way to create and de-crimp, crimp style connections. Making a secure crimp style connection is a simple task when following instructions. Having an improper connection can result in an abundance of problems for your system. If a false connection is made, then that connection has to be dismantled without damaging the fitting; which is where the de-crimping tool comes into motion. This video will show you the necessary steps to follow when crimping and de-crimping any connection.

Items used in video

1. Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
2. Copper Crimp Ring
3. PEX Crimp Coupling
4. Universal Crimp tool
5. Go-No-Go Gauge
6. PEX Cutters
7. De-crimper