Honeywell Q345U1005

Honeywell Q345U1005

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Non primary-aerated combination pilot burner and ignitor. Used with the S86, S860, S8610, or S8670 in intermittent pilot systems.


  • Includes pilot burner with bracket, ceramic-insulated Kanthal flame rod/spark igniter and ground strap;
  • Single tip style.

Technical Specifications:

  • Includes: BCR-20, BCR-18, BBR-12, BBR-11 orifices, Adjustable tip style, Universal mounting bracket;
  • Used With: S8600F, S8600H, S8600M, S8610F, S8610H, S8610M, S8610U, S8660D, S8660E, S8670D, S8670E;
  • Type of Gas: Natural, LP;
  • Aeration: Non-primary;
  • Compression Fitting Size: 1/4" and 1/8";
  • Orifice: BCR-20, BCR-18, BBR-12, BBR-11;
  • Tip Style: Single;
  • Direction of Front Tip: Adjustable Left, Right, and Center.
Product Specs
Compression Fitting Size:1/4"
Direction of Front Tip:Left
Gas Type:Liquid Propane
Mount:Universal Mount
Tip Style:Single
Type:Ignition & Burner Controls
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