E30 NPT Deep Well Ejector

E30 NPT Deep Well Ejector
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The 96654384 from Grundfos is a E30 NPT Deep Well Ejector. It has a 6mm x 0.24in. nozzle size and 8.5mm x 0.34in. venture size. Deep well ejectors are a type of vacuum pump or compressor that removes air and other gases from a connecting pipe or vessel. The Grundfos E30NPT deep well ejector uses the momentum of a high-velocity jet stream, drawn through a nozzle, to create a vacuum (suction) to evacuate air and gases from a connected deep well jet pump. These gases travel through the deep well ejector into a venture shaped diffuser, where they are then discharged, either to atmosphere or to a condenser. This deep well ejector has a suction of 1" NPT and a discharge of 1.25"NPT.


The Grundfos E30NPT has no valves, rotors, pistons or any other moving parts; making it low-cost, easy to operate and requires little maintenance. This deep well ejector is to be used with the Grundfos deep well jet pumps JDF series.

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